AR Experience Solution

branded AR

branded AR is a representative AR experience that effectively delivers brand messages.

branded AR  helps creative communication between brands and consumers through interesting effects.

Many brands in various fields, including F&B, cosmetics, commerce, entertainment, and social contribution, conducted successful brand campaigns through branded AR .

video AR

video AR  is an AR kit specialized in influencer marketing on social media.

video AR  has a brand identity design and allows users to directly enter information. So anyone can produce a 15-second brand video using video AR .

gamify AR

gamify AR is an AR experience to increase the engagement for the event.

Consumers can participate in the event by enjoying interactive games augmented on their faces or spaces and sharing the results. gamify AR  can also contain secret codes for rewards.

things AR

things AR is an AR experience that encourages customers to purchase your products.

things AR provides an experience for customers to try out 3D models of the products and operate them. It helps customers make purchase decisions by providing them with an experience similar to experiencing real products.

automotive AR

automotive AR is an AR experience specialized in car brand marketing.

automotive AR enables innovative digital marketing by providing a realistic and virtual experience of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. automotive AR is a part of Meta's innovative automotive marketing solution, Virtual Studio, and major global automobile brands are successfully using it for their campaigns.