Quantum Universe, a leading company creating a new digital experience

Dec 9, 2022

Become a global hub that connects the world to the network

Quantum Universe, a solution start-up based on AR, VR, and XR technologies, is becoming a global platform hub company. Quantum Universe, which is building AR services in the form of solutions and XR services in the form of platforms, is one of the leading startups in Korea that is building a global reference based on multi-device original technology for AR, VR, and XR.

(Lee Min-woo, Quantum Universe CEO / Image=NEWS REPORT)

Quantum Universe is recognized in the global market by developing and serving content with global company Meta. In addition, through collaboration with Meta Korea, it has demonstrated successful collaboration with meta business teams from around the world, including North America, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Mr.Lee(CEO) shared his dream is connecting the currently scattered IT contents into one and integrating them into a huge system that forms the mainstream of technology. This is in line with Quantum Universe's ultimate business direction, which combines not only Quantum Universe's content but also many experiences generated by various companies around the world to form a single network unit.

"Quantum Universe wants to serve as a hub for a system that starts with fragmented content and eventually connects naturally into a single worldview. We believe that one day, there will be a sufficient network environment where you can experience the digital content of various IT companies and the digital experience created by Quantum Universe. Quantum Universe will create a new world where technology and experience are fused by acting as a hub, like a big container for new virtual networks."

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© Quantum Universe Inc. All rights reserved.

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