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Aug 1, 2021

Achieving a 49% decrease in cost per install with Facebook Augmented Reality ads

State of Survival is a mobile game created by Chinese gaming company KingsGroup Holdings. Launched in South Korea in 2020, the game requires players to work together and think strategically to help their characters survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with zombies.

Experimenting with augmented reality
The State of Survival team wanted to boost brand awareness and engage new players in South Korea by experimenting with the immersive and innovative augmented reality (AR) format.

Using AR effects to merge games with reality

The State of Survival team worked with Quantum Universe, a South Korean digital creative company to build three engaging AR games. Using Facebook Spark AR Studio, Quantum Universe designed multiple scenes where the player would experience the “zombie attacks” from within the game, but against the backdrop of the real world and introduced the scenes as AR effects that transported the player into the gaming universe where they could experience the graphics for themselves.

With additional guidance from Facebook Creative Shop, Quantum Universe combined visuals from both the State of Survival universe and the real world to provide people with a unique and engaging gaming experience. To promote the augmented reality experience, the State of Survival team launched a campaign using Augmented Reality ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

Attracting new gamers
By working with Quantum Universe and Facebook Creative Shop, the State of Survival team created an immersive experience for players to experience the zombie-filled gaming universe. Since October 2020, they saw the following results:

  • 49% decrease in cost per install (Augmented Reality ads campaign versus business-as-usual campaign)

  • 8.5% of staff resources were redeployed to more strategic positions
    All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“Augmented reality is the future of gaming — which is why we decided to create an immersive experience that draws players into the world of the game. By working with Quantum Universe and the Facebook team, we could easily and effectively use Spark AR to build a gaming universe that brought our zombies to life.”
- Daphne Li, FunPlus Marketing Director

“For the State of Survival team, we decided to deliver a unique, graphics-rich gaming experience that relied on intricate, augmented reality visuals to bring zombies into our world - and vice versa. With the AR filters, a lot of new players are now interested in experiencing the game for themselves.”
- Minwoo Lee, CEO, Quantum Universe

Source | Facebook for Developers

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