Meta : Summoners War & Street Fighter V Fans Engage with AR Games

Apr 8, 2021

Game Developers Team Up on AR Experiences

Today we’re spotlighting two heavyweight game developers, Com2uS and Capcom, and how they recently worked together on a set of mobile AR games, to help drive brand awareness and fan engagement for a franchise game title.

Com2uS is the South Korean developer behind several top games, including the massively multiplayer game Summoners War, while Capcom is the Japanese developer behind numerous titles, including the popular Street Fighter franchise. This being the first time the two game makers had teamed up, they brought in the creative technology team at Quantum Universe to help them design and build two mobile AR games, using crossover IP, including characters and gameplay, from both franchises.

The first effect, Beat the Dragon, was built using a variety of Spark AR Studio features, including face tracking to position the user’s face on a three-headed Summoners War monster, which also used the Mouth Open patch, to trigger fire breathing attacks. Custom sound effects, animations and interactions were also built into the experience to make the mobile gameplay fun and immersive.

The second effect, Summon and Fight Now, let the user select, place and play one of five Street Fighter 3D characters, each with their own powers to fight against Summoners War monsters in an interactive World AR game. The creative team used plane tracking, audio controls, touch gestures and the native UI picker to give the user more personalization and control over their character. Additionally, the team used script to patch bridging to control different game play scenarios, along with a variety of animation sequences to make the experience look and feel seamless.

Com2uS and Capcom built both AR effects as part of a larger brand campaign in the fall of 2020, to help drive awareness and sales of Summoners War. Additionally, the campaign used Facebook AR Ads, which they estimate helped generate a 2.1x conversion efficiency for app installs, and a 1.4x conversion efficiency for in-app purchases. Organic promotions of the effects were also effective, driving over 1 million impressions, 60K AR effect uses, 24K captures and 6K shares.

“This was our first joint effort, so it was exciting to see just how much fans enjoyed and engaged with these AR games.“
- Suin Jo, UA Marketing Manager -

Developing AR games continues to be a hot topic among Spark AR creators, we’re looking forward to showcasing more examples of these experiences in the near future!

Source | Meta Spark Blog

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