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DaVinci Motel in MIXED REALITY

Hyundai Card


Cultural festival 'DaVinci Motel in Mixed Reality', collaborated with Meta and hosted by Hyundai Card

'DaVinci Motel in Mixed Reality' cultural festival by Hyundai Card, in collaboration with Meta, is a multi-disciplinary event inspired by Leonardo da Vinci from the Renaissance period and the motor hotels of 1970-1980s California. Quantum Universe collaborated with Meta to create Mixed Reality(MR) content, blending the real and virtual experiences.

When attendees wear MR devices, the Hyundai Card Music Library building transforms into the vintage DaVinci Motel, where they can engage with various artists and speakers. The surroundings depict the California desert landscape of the 1960s, with an immersive experience where attendees can personally refuel a yellow classic car driven by the artists, reminiscent of the highways where motor hotels once stood in the United States.

As attendees grasp the key to the DaVinci Motel in front of them, the motel check-in process begins, and artists staying at the motel welcome visitors with music. Attendees can interact with the environment by leaving their signatures on LPs, providing a tangible experience of the ambiance at DaVinci Motel.

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© Quantum Universe Inc. All rights reserved.

© Quantum Universe Inc. All rights reserved.